How to make professional videos with your smartphone

Making professional videos with your smartphone is surprisingly quick and easy to learn. Filming, editing, as well as publishing, can all be done on the smartphone. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of mobile journalism and online video through my training ‘How to make professional videos with your smartphone?’.

Why hire a company to make your videos? I’m convinced organizations can learn how to do it themselves. Smartphone cameras are getting better and better and by taking video in your own hands, the result becomes more authentic. It’s not the camera that matters, it’s your story that counts.

During my trainings, I incorporate the most recent developments, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels & AR, VR and AI. Also, I’m a devoted viral video expert. You want a large audience for your video, right? I aim for exact the same thing and can teach you certain skills to achieve this result.

Content of the training: Introduction, making good shots and audio, storytelling and storyboarding. What apps help you edit, subtitle and create cool effects? Last but not least, you learn about the different platforms and the do’s and don’ts of each of them.

What makes this training unique? Geertje Algera has years of experience in making smartphone reports for Dutch public TV station KRO-NCRV. She understands both the challenges of smartphone reporting and the added value it possesses. She is internationally known for her innovative, intimate reports.

At the International Conference MoJoCon in Dublin in 2016, she spoke about storytelling with the smartphone. In 2018, she attended the International Journalism festival in Perugia, Italy, to speak on how smartphones can be used as a tool to make journalism fairer. In 2020 she was named one of the most influential mobile journalists worldwide by the University of Michigan.

Who can join? This training is suitable for every smartphone owner (iPhone or Android). New models are preferred (not older than 3 years), as certain apps don’t work on full capacity on older models. Nevertheless, users of older smartphones are always welcome! The skills I teach you work even on older models.

This training is often booked by communication and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and others who want to add this skill to their resume.

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Open training:
€ 325,00 (excl. TAX, per person)
Incompany training:
€ 2195 (excl. TAX, max. 10 participants)

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